COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Biochemical Fogging Service

25% discount to healthcare facilities and frontline workers
We are currently offering a 25% discount to all healthcare facilities and frontline workers that need our fogging services. Contact us to learn more.

Professional coronavirus decontamination

With the current COVID-19 pandemic outbreak now affecting the UK’s businesses, schools, universities and public transport systems, it is critical we restore public confidence in our fight against the ongoing risks we are all facing. Athena Cleaning Services have the specialist equipment and trained personnel to help reduce the risks and restore that much needed public confidence.

Our latest range of specialist viral decontamination and treatment services are complemented by our years of industry expertise and highly trained cleaning staff, and we offer unparalleled levels of environmental protection.

Getting back to work after the COVID-19 coronavirus must be as safe a process as possible for staff and customers. Book in our decontamination biochemical fogging services by calling 01403 269222 now for an effective, highly specialised solution.